Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Family Pictures

Everyone on facebook is begging me for pictures of myself because of my weight loss, but I am making them wait until I am totally done in about 10 days. But for those of you who follow my blog you get a sneak preview. Here are the family pictures we did this year. I did them all by myself with the help of a tripod. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

And didn't even get it!

So we found this in our garage one night when we were getting ready for a yard sale. It totally creeped me out! We took a couple pictures and it ran away. I told T.J. to get it and went inside when I came back out he said he couldn't get it. I then went to work trying to find soem spray or something to kill it with without having direct contact. I found some of Tom's Perma guard and sprinkled that all over the place. T.J. said he didn't know what I was so worried about. He didn't even get it! Luckily a few nights later I went to get something from the car and sure enough there it was in the same spot and of course, I GOT IT!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Father's and Birthday Dad

We took my Dad to dinner for moth Father's day and his Birthday (July 1st). We had such fun time. I hope the kids make him more happy then they drive him crazy we still had fun either way. We love my Dad so much and really never get to spend enough time with him so it is nice when we do.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

And the Results are....

Here are the wonderful results of all our problems/projects. They turned out really good I think.
Gardening done!

Waterbed Full and Comfy!

T.J. got the whole workshop sided!

Bathroom Ceiling finally done! WooHoo! We added a trim to the top and then I antiqued the trim and the cupboards. I like the way the turned out.

A place to put all the stuff from the cupboard T.J. tore out.

And the kitchen cupboards, dishwasher, and disposal done! We got the dishwasher put in and I started painting the trim and stuff we had to use for the repair and didn't realize until after I was half way done that the paint I was using was not the same as the paint I was trying to match. Therefore I had to paint the whole cupboard. I never really liked the original color and the color I had started to use was even worse. Think Pepto Bismol throw up color. So I brought a whole bunch of swatches home and the best looking ones were dark. To my mom's dismay. She also likes a gloss finish that is not my favorite so I compromised with brown and a semi-gloss top coat. I did a faux finish on them called colorwashing and I love them. I hope my mom does too.
So that is why I haven't posted much lately. We have been a bit busy.

Braxton Graduates

Braxton had Kindergarten Graduation and I didn't even shed a tear. I can't believe he is already a first grader. It was a cute program they sang songs and then had an official graduation where the principal handed them there "diplomas".

I made Braxton a special candy necklace for graduating because that is the big thing now at regular graduations. He found it that morning and of course wanted to know who it was for. He asked if it was for his teacher and I said yes just to throw him off. So when I gave it to him he immediately said I'll go give it to my teacher and I said no silly it is for you and he was so surprised and excited. He was really cute.

Doesn't he look so proud.

He had the greatest teacher. Her name is Mrs. Cool and she really did a great job. I am so glad he had her and got such a great start in his school career.

Real Game May 16, 2009

Both boys got to go on the Real field at the May 16th Game. There way more kids there this time so it wasn't as fun but at least the big one took care of the little one.

After the game Tyelr and I waited and were able to get a few of the player's autograph's. We had a really fun time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh yeah...

Did you know Tyler is blonde?